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Localization Services

Localization Services

The skills to localization lie in translating & localizing the documents without changing its meaning. It is the powerful skill that develops over time that is why at Stellar Linguistics, we use an experienced team that understands the needs & boundaries of the professional localization services. We provide a complete set of localization services & solutions for website globalization, software localization, and localized product testing. We have necessary field experience, robust technology solutions, and linguistic excellence that ensure your localization projects are always completed on time while maintaining its utmost quality. We use optimized localization processes by automating various necessary human touchpoints so that, our clients can accelerate their product releases & speed-up time-to-market.

Localization services that we offer –

  • Medical Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Game Localization
  • Document Localization

Innovate, build, & deploy globally with Stellar Linguistics on-demand & real-time localization services. We help top companies to localize their applications & websites in 100+ languages with superior linguistic quality at sensible prices.


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