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We provide top notch professional translation services. With client's requirement as our centre of focus, we provide complete project management for more than 100 languages. From understanding client's requirements to allocating job to linguists, proofreading, final review and timely delivery of jobs, we follow all protocols with absolute diligence. You can reply on us for Translations, Proofreading, Linguistic Validation, Cognitive Debriefing, Localization, Content Writing, Website Designing and Development and more
We are leading translation agency offering high quality services to our clients with team of more than 1200+ experienced linguists. We work in more than 100 languages and provide customized quality translation services to our clients, from all around the globe. Our expertise lies in the translations of all types of contents into specialized regional language for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes.

Stellar Linguistics team will ensure that all the required steps are followed to deliver best quality output to our client. From understanding job requirements to final approval of deliverables, our project managers stays in contact with client and convey the proceedings on every step.

  • Receiving Job

    The moment receive a request for a job, our first step is to understand the job and the exact requirements and deadlines

  • Assigning Job

    Project Manager then assigns that job to a person who already has experience is handling similar jobs. All the instructions and details are shared with deadlines.

  • Top Notch Quality

    To ensure that best quality work is delivered, we always do 2nd proofreading of every job, may that be translation, proofreading, editing etc. The client is always kept in loop to ensure he is updated with all proceedings.

  • Final Delivery in stipulated deadline

    After 2nd proofreading, we send files to the client and stay available for further queries from client's end of any. Till the time client is not 100% satisfied with quality, that particular job remains open for us.

Why Choose Us Features

We do not hesitate putting in extra effort to provide top notch services. Our aim has always been to ensure the job being delivered has passed through all quality checks and exceeds client's desirable standards.
Nothing can beat wisdom learnt from experience. All members of our team experienced enough to understand all intricacies of jobs assigned to them. Best part is we are always open to learn more and implement best learnt practices in our work to ensure work done is of best possible quality.
Our team of translators and 1200+ freelancers around the world, we provide exceptional work and offer specialized translation services in more than 100 languages. We ensure the comprehensive services that derive the essence and replicate its fruitful effect.
According to us, time is money and our dedicated team of translators & 1000+ freelancers work persistently to meet your expectations & timely accomplishment. All our projects are handled with the utmost care & attention and deliver the best possible linguistic solution. We strictly follow your concerns, schedules, and deadlines. Transparency & timely delivery is practiced, which makes our entire process fast & fruitful. Stellar Linguistics goes beyond sheer word-to-word translation & efficiently converts content as per the local norms & style guides. In the end, we provide our clientele with efficient information about their specific project and ensure that our personnel is knowledgeable when it comes to the meeting time.

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